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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 31, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> shortly after 5:00 a passerby noticed smoke coming from the almost new tire store in the 1300 block. we had pretty heavy smoke and significant fire when we arrived on the scene. after a short firefight, we had to go to defensive fire operations and second alarm. the hot weather took a toll on our firefighters. it took about 45 minutes or so to knock down. we did call in water supply units. we'll probably be here a good portion of the night pulling the tires apart and making sure the entire fire is put out. the important thing is nobody is hurt. major impact on traffic, though. the commute along new york avenue is blocked essentially between gladdensburg road and -- bladensburg road and most importantly the fire is out. under control. no injuries. cause of the fire still under
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investigation. >> reporter: as you can see, you see a lot of the foam still on the road. foam which is a lot more efficient to take care of these fires, fires that involve rubber and the like. that's basically the scene out here on new york avenue. it's closed and will remain closed for a significant period of time as they clear up dozens of firefighterring equipment out at the scene. you heard the good news. nobody was hurt. that's always something that's good to report. back to you good that certainly is. given the closures, let's see how traffic flowing. >> reporter: thank you so much. this is a messy situation. route 50 popular route for people heading into town. let's disook in on the action. fire activity closing down new york avenue between 16th and fairview. i have some good alternates for you. we want to stay on the map
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there. we have on florida avenue is a good way to georgia to get to 495. we want to head over from florida to georgia and florida to benning to 295. that's another way to get around this. and also route 50 another way to get to the beltway tonight. let's head over to a live shot now and see how things are looking on 95. a lot of people are taking 95 up as well. back to 495. right now no incidents or accidents reported there. on the capital beltway around virginia and maryland no big problems reported. a live shot here and the american legion. things will change tomorrow when people head back to work. back over to you. >> thank you. let's go back to our other breaking story along the potomac where andrea is live. we've been hearing conflicting things about who exactly is lost and who they may be searching for in the potomac river. why don't you fill us in. >> reporter: here's the latest information we have at this hour. two people are missing. one is believed to be a 14-year- old girl. the other an adult.
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a female either believed to be the child's mother or an older sister. we understand that there was a language barrier with some of the relatives. they brought a translator who speaks spanish and was able to help facilitate the search. to quote an official with the u.s. park police, the water looks so placid but it can be deadly. around 5:00 today, the u.s. park police received a call that two people were in the water and were in distress. for the very latest information, i want you to listen to two interviews we just did. the first with u.s. park police spokesman. the second with a kayaker who is assisting in the search. >> received a report there was two people in distress on the potomac river. another person confirmed there were two people that went in the river and went underwater and weren't seen since. >> we're looking on the rocks,
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helping out the rescuers, giving extra eyes to see if we can see anything that might help. even if won is in distress, the sooner you could get to them and help them out might make this into a missing person's search as opposed to macing body's search-- >> missing body's search. >> reporter: the search will continue till night fall. around 5:00 u.s. park police received a call two people in the water near difficult run which is on the virginia side of the potomac. a search effort launched almost immediately from the sky, from the ground with a lot of volunteer kayakers assisting as well. still no sign of the two people believed to be a 14-year-old girl and an adult female. we'll have the very latest for you tonight at 11:00. for now reporting live from the potomac, 9news now. >> let's hope for a good outcome. thank you. our other top stories this evening, stuck underwater. a kayak rescue in frederick county and another traffic tieup after a police chase and crash along the bw parkway.
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>> reporter: i'm bruce leshan on the baltimore partial parkway where traffic is moving again but police continue to investigate a police chase that they are concerned may have contributed to a full series of crashes up and down the beltway, the most serious one right below the nasa bridge. a moving van, an allegedly stolen moving van hit an individual from behind, grove him into the woods. he was so seriously hurt, he had to be flown out. the moving van continued on up. a mother a couple miles up the road, another series of crashes. we know that police at one point were pursuing that moving van allegedly occupied by an individual who had gotten in a fight with brass knuckles and then fled and allegedly tried to hit a cheverly police officer here. there is a lot of analysis
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about whether this continued chase was safe. >> reporter: i'm kurt bush in brunswick, maryland where a kayaker in distress had to wait a long time for rescuers to arrive. >> there were possibly one under water and four others trying to assist. >> reporter: friends helped keep his head above water as nearby campers looked on. but rescuers were stopped. >> the csx train had us stopped. >> reporter: the road crosses heavily used csx tracks. >> time is of the essence. >> reporter: frantic calls finally got the train moving and rescuers could travel down the dusty road to the ramp. soon the boat was launched and the victim pulled from the water and transported back to shore for medical checkup. water rescue crews respond to dozens of calls each year and train delays are not uncommon. >> thanks to kurt brooks. two girls who attend the
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same bethesda school have not been seen since they left that school friday morning. a 12-year-old is 5'3" and weigh abouts 140 pounds. she was last seen wearing dark blue jean, silver high tops, a hooddy sweat shirt and carrying a black and red checkered backpack. 14-year-old anastasia is 5'2" weighing about 120 pounds, last seen wearing blue jean shorts and a blue sweat shirt and she may have a black and white backpack with her. here's a look at both girls. they like to hang out at the westfield mall including the one in wheatton. if you've seen either of these girls, police want to hear from you immediately. protests and condemnation around the world tonight targeting israel. united nations officials and country after country are criticizing israel for a deadly confrontation between israeli commandos and pro-palestinian activists. it took place in international waters aboard a privately funded supply ship bound for the gaza strip. israel has a naval blockade in
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place at gaza and when its commandos boarded that ship, fighting broke out. at least nine activists were killed. >> free, free palestine. >> as a result the incident has sparked annualty-israeli demonstrations around the world. some taking place here in d.c. outside the israeli embassy and the white house. seven weeks and counting after a string of failures bp is working on another plan to contain the oil that keeps spilling into the gulf. they're putting a giant saw blade into position to cut a broken pipe to clear the way for a containment dome. a new pipe will then siphon oil to a surface ship but experts say the flow could grow significantly during the time it takes to get this cap in place. if this plan fails, oil could continue to pour into the gulf until august. that's when bp hopes to have a relief well completed. on this memorial day, devon
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is here with your forecast. >> we saw a few thunderstorms try to pop up around are area. the storms have really started to die off. i'm looking up here at the clouds in northwest. that's what's built in. the dying storms have left the clouds. i think that's brought our temperatures down just enough. our evening forecast just says warm and muggy night but the slimmest chance of seeing an isolated storm in the area. i just disoomed in on live doppler 9 thousand. there's a better chance of storms coming in on tuesday. i'll tell you exactly when that's coming along with cooler temperatures and our complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. on a day we honor our fallen military heroes, a war veteran becomes the target of crooks. plus, d.c. remembers a go go music icon. a look at the life of lil benny. the gas prices are going down, they go back up again.
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d.c. is the home of go go music. tonight the area is mourning the loss of one of its biggest stars. lil benny has passed away. bruce johnson shows us how he impacted the music world and his own community. >> reporter: his name was anthony harley but to the music world, he was lil benny. for more than two decades the blue high and udc product was a fixture perhaps the most known go go artist after the
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godfather chuck brown. he passed away last night on south capitol street. this after performing with chuck brown's band saturday night at the capital heights ballroom. the 46-year-old go go legend had not been well since undergoing major surgery for a herniated disk. friends say he used a cane to get around on and off stage. >> he set the tone for a lot of talented artists like myself, you know what i'm saying? that was a good man. >> i'm going to miss his dances because he danced so smooth and the voice. you're going to miss the voices. he has one of those voiceses nobody can imitate. ♪ where you want to go >> reporter: anthony was recently honored by the washington area music industry for his many-year service. >> i thank you all very much. appreciate it. give it up to god, you all.
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without him, there would be no me and no you either. >> reporter: friends say he could put two horns in his mouth and play them both at the same time. when he wasn't lil benny, anthony harley was a cable technician and he trained scores of young men in the area to do that work. ♪ let me show you the way to go ♪ >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty issued a statement that says in part, lil benny helped put the district's own musical genre on the map as front man for lil benny and the measers and -- [ indiscernible ] he believes behind a wife and six children. devon is back with your full forecast as we move past the holiday. stay with us here on 9news now.
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police say his nurse who cared for him for years and another aide stole his debit and credit cards and charged up thousands of dollars. he had his bank to thank for catching the cash flow out of his account. mr. parsons said he didn't even want the $5,000 back. he's just hurt his nurse betrayed him. >> i wouldn't put charges against her if she needed that money real bad. and if she'd come and apologize to me. >> police busted both women over the memorial day weekend. they are now charged with grand theft and exploitation ever the elderly. today at the vietnam memorial service, the man who saw something and did something during a terror plot was hailed as a hero for his act of courage. dwayne jackson a vietnam vet himself earned worldwide attention earlier this month for alerting police to a potential car bomb in times square. he says a good way to honor those who have died serving our nation is doing what you can to protect the lives of people on
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american soil. >> the battle lines aren't clearly defined as they were in the past. and this is why i urge all citizens to be vigilant, to be aware of their surroundings because you never know where this new enemy will strike us. >> jackson joined many people to honor more than 50,000 men and women who fought and died in the vietnam war. now on to the sport of lacrosse which tries to put tragedy and scandal behind it this weekend in baltimore with a national championship tournament that might surprise you in its scope if you're not a fan. turnout was huge and as scott broom learned, after football and basketball, lacrosse now hosts the biggest championship game in all of college sports. >> reporter: on the field men's lacrosse is about teamwork, speed, power. off the field it's about marketing and money. >> it's also one of the fastest
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growing policetory poe poe participatory sports. >> reporter: this is on championship weekend which enjoyed attendance of at least 120,000. the final game looked to break an attendance record of over 48,000. that's more seats than the nationals and orioles combined sold in their last home games. >> it's like a new upcoming sport. >> it's really growing. >> reporter: baltimore expects to reap $20 million. >> the hotels, restaurants, retail outlets. >> reporter: this is a market sponsor's live. lots of impressionable young consumers and moms and dads with more than just hot dog money. >> the moms are very influential in the sport as well. as we know moms make the travel decisions. mom makes the purchasing decidings. they understand that people come here and they've got their checkbooks and wallets on them and they're making decisions about the household travel and appliances, too. >> reporter: every kid here travels with a stick and ball. the number of players has
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doubled to 1.1 million in ten years. even the teams in the finals are first timers. duke recovered from its troubles in 2006 and notre dame with loyal fans whatever the score. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: baltimore would like to become the permanent host of these championships, but the ncaa knows it's got a hot property and has put the rights to host it up for bid. among the cities competing, washington, d.c. to take away the 2012 tournament championship. in baltimore, scott broom, 9news now. >> by the way, duke won the national championship this afternoon 6-5 in o.t. against notre dame cool out there. 91 was our official high. the humidity coming back before you get the storms really to arrive in. it's really going to arrive more towards tomorrow. look at the three-day forecast.
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a round of scattered thunderstorms move in. with more storms, more cloud cover, if you get that, you're closer to 80s. so we have a big span in the temperatures depending on exactly where you are across the region tomorrow. satellite and radar from today, gaithersburg got a storm that quickly raced off to the northwest. mainly northwest with blue ridge appalachians, that's where more of the storms were. we have the blowoff cloud cover from the storms that start to die down. if anything a couple of storms trying to develop through the 9:00 hour. again that would be north, northwest to washington. then we clear out all the storms tonight but tomorrow afternoon any time after the noon hour, i think we've got scattered thunderstorms rolling through. even through tomorrow evening before this front is going to start to near, not quite get here and retreat back to the north as we get to wednesday and go through thursday. i'm going to hold the storm chances on thursday till overnight thursday into friday. the zone forecast even out west
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numerous scattered showers and storms. that will hold the temperatures down because all a he get them earlier in the day. as we go washington east, that's where i think we have a little warmer temperatures as you get a little more sunshine before the storms arrive in the afternoon hours. again slightest chance of an isolated storm tonight not very good. mainly northwest to washington. tomorrow afternoon after the noon hour, that's when more of the storms arrive and then thursday overnight into friday, i think is when we get our second round of storms. take away another round of storms tomorrow afternoon but at least it's going to hold those temperatures down good thank you and we will be right back.
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that is our report. i'll be right back here with you tonight at 11:00. we'll have an update on the river rescue operation getting on right now on the potomac river. we're always on
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. dennis hopper dies at 74. this is "entertainment tonight." a hollywood icon loses his
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battle with cancer. from our first interview to his last public appearance. we look back at the life and legacy of "easy rider" dennis hopper. >> the death of a former child star. >> i'm a 30-year-old kid at heart and i hope to stay that way when i'm 40. >> the highs and lows of his life in the limelight. >> i expected to be on top forever. >> plus, bradley cooper on the record about the affair rumors with jennifer aniston. >> good morning. >> a sizzling hot day in the life of the a-team hunk. >> i became obsessed with food. >> an obese family ubsissed with food. >> that's 6,400 calories in your chicken. >> that's scary. >> america's newest idol hits the road. the idol live tour. >> lisa ling's sister held captive in north korea. >> i was a disaster. >> the chilling details


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